What about all those holes fasteners make?

According to the Air Barrier Association of America, most of the problems found in buildings are due to water intrusion. Additionally, the Whole Building Design Guide emphasizes that reducing moisture penetration of the building envelope through appropriate design and construction is critical in preventing problems including mold, bacteria, fungi, and insect infestation. Itís not surprising that indoor environmental quality is a significant component of sustainable design.

Air and vapor barrier accessories are vital components in maintaining the integrity of wall assemblies. Water and water vapor breach the building envelope wherever opportunity permits, and Fasten Seal products provide a critical defense in controlling air flow and water infiltration. Fasten Seal is an American company that manufactures ICC-rated self-sealing nails and screws for the installation of plaster bases for stucco, brick, stone and other claddings. We have nails and screws for wood framed structures, as well as self-drilling and sharp point screws for steel construction. Check out our web site for more information and product demos.

Greg Stephan
Fasten Seal Products, LLC